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The Performance of Pulsed Light

Polychromatic pulsed light (PPL), generally known as IPL (Intense Pulse Light), offers a multitude of applications through the extent of its light ray and the different possibilities of filtering:
- lasting photoepilation.

- Photorejuvenation (anti-ageing, phototoning, reduction of blemishes and redness).

- Acne; for medical applications (exclusively using our Anthélia® machine).

Intense and instantaneous light is diffused over the body in order to treat and / or embellish it, without any secondary effects.

For anti-age treatment, the pulsed light generates a provoked and totally natural reactivation of collagen and of elastine.
Treatment is painless, without risk and innocuous for the face and body.

The intense pulsed light can be used on fair and dark skin and, for lasting photoepilation, on all skin tones - phototypes 1 to 6. (Exclusively using the Anthélia® range).

This new technology, which has considerably evolued over the last ten years, is successfuly deployed by out EFB beauté® IPL machines: Anthélia®, Ariane® and Adéna®.

Man and woman



The ray of light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair for lasting photoepilation and by the hemoglobin for rejuvenation treatment.

The light is transformed into heat which, depending on the temperature reached, either stimulates the production of collagen or, at higher temperatures, provokes a coagulation of the protein for photoepilation treatment or the reduction in capillary redness.

The new generation of Anthélia® Pulsed Light enables the treatment of acne, vascular lesions, and pigmentary lesions for all patients (men and women), while ensuring phototoning and anti-age treatment for the face and body.

Offering the benefits of unique and exclusive patented technology, Anthélia® is able to ensure not only the lasting photepilation of black and brown hair, but also of white and blond hair (on all skin tones).

Anthélia® is manufactured in an organisation certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 satisfying French and European quality constraints and awarded CE Medical certification under the directive 93/42/CEE.
The painless treatment process is efficient and totally secure to offer you significant, tested, proven results.

> Efficient treatment, with high-performence and excellent reputation relayed by the media...

> Certain treatments available for Anthélia® are exclusively reserved to be performed by medical doctors in some countries*.

> The ease of usage for optimal security thanks to the pre-programmation of parameters for each type of treatment .

* See applicable legislation in your country.

The EFB beauté® pulsed light enables the treatment of acne*, vascular lesions* and pigmentary lesions* of all patients (men, women, of all skin tones*), while also offering photoning and anti-age treatment for the face and body.

Offering the advantages of patented technology, the EFB beauté® flash lamps are able to ensure the lasting photoepilation not only of dark hair, but also of blond and white hair.

* Treatment available on medical equipment and in respect of local legislation in the country concerned.

White hair patent