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Phototoning® and anti-age (SR)

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The EFB beauté® pulsed light:

- Reduces wrinkles

- Stimulates the production of collagen and elastine

- Firms and tones skin 

The light action impacts the skin texture by restimulating the activity of fibroblasts for a restructuring, lifting effect. This extensive treatment offers renewed elasticity to the skin for a refeshed, toned effect.


Photorejuvenation* (SR)


EFB beauté® pulsed light:

- Reduces the signs of ageing

- Reduces redness

- Harmonises skin-tone for a new lease of youthfulness

The photo-thermal effect accelerates the natural renewal of the skin cells of the epidermis offering it a harmonious complexion and a homogenous tone.

Thanks to this treatment your skin gains a new lease of life..

Photorejuvenation is the EFB beauté® solution you need to reduce the effects of ageing.

* Treatment available on medical equipment depending on the medical legislation applicable in the country concerned.