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Photovascular treatment (SR)*


The EFB beauté® pulsed light functions through selective photocoagulation. The thermal effect of the light has a coagulation action on the tissues targeted.

In the case of vascular treatments, for example; the light targets the hemoglobin of the red globules which in turn transmit the heat received to the outer walls of the vessels. The latter are subject to immediate coagulation; the vessel walls affected are naturally eliminated by the organism within 5 to 6 weeks.

During the following sessions the selective coagulation favors the comfort of the patient; this is particularly appreciable compared to laser treatments as the purpura (appearance of red or purple skin discolorations) is not necessary for IPL treatment to achieve efficient results.

The security of the EFB beauté® flash lamps and their performance are comparable to those of lasers at a lower cost.


EFB beauté® pulsed light:

- Reduces vascular lesions

- Erases erythrose

- Treats variscosity, angiomas and rosacea

Vascular treatment

Photopigmentary Treatment (SR)*


Artificial heat generated by EFB beauté® pulsed light, in total security, eliminates excess melanin present in the epidermis, facilitating the disparition of dark patches due to sun damages and other disgracious blemishes .

- Erases brown patches caused by skin damage

- Reduces the signs of ageing

Pigmentary treatment

Treatment of acne (SR)*


After the absorption of light by the hemoglobin, the light provokes the weakening of the production of the sebaceous glands which are the cause of acne.

- Treats inflammatory and bacterial acne.

- Regulates the activity of sebaceous glands

Acne treatment

* Treatment available on medical equipment with respect to the applicable legislation in the country concerned.