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Fluence®, profitable & effective

For over 25 years, EFB beauté® has been at your side to satisfy your clients and give them access to the EFB quality at an attractive cost.

Fluence®, developed from the EFB beauté® range of medico-aesthetic devices Ariane®, Anthélia® et Adéna®, is the dedicated solution for hair-removal.
It is equipped with the latest EFB innovation: the exclusive and patented cartridge system which delivers a spectacular efficiency.

Fluence et son meuble-support dédié

How does photo-epilation treatment work?


During photo-epilation treatments on dark hairs, an applicator head that emits high intensity flashes of filtered light is placed on the treatment area. The energy from this light is absorbed by the chromophore melanin, which is responsible for hair pigment or color.

Dark hair, which is rich in melanin, readily absorbs this light and transfers it as heat into the surrounding capillaries, which supply blood to the papilla of growing hairs. When the papillae are destroyed in high temperatures, additional hair growth is prohibited.

To target the chromophore melanin, the use of a high-intensity light within a spectrum which offers a high-level of absorption is required. For a perfect safety, part of the light spectrum is filtered to eliminate UBA/UVB/Infra-reds.

Fluence® delivers a perfect combination of yellow and red light from 580 nm to 1400 nm with an energy of 16 J/cm². Thick, medium and fine hairs can be treated efficiently (not very fine).

Small and compact


Reduce the size but not the efficiency!
Fluence® was designed and built for professionals working in small cabins or free-lancers looking for a small, easy to move device.
Fluence®, weighing only 16kg is easy to move from one cabin to another or from one Centre or another using its dedicated trolley.

Easy to use for spectacular results


Easy to use thanks to the pre-calibration features
The parameters on Fluence® are pre-calibrated for a user-friendly experience: you solely need to choose the hair size and phototype to treat.

Fluence® adapts perfectly to phototypes I to IV.

The performances worth of a great machine
Fluence® delivers an energy per flash of 120 Joules and covers a body surface of 7.5cm² every 3 seconds. The hair removal of a back now only required 25 minutes!

The orange light delivered by Fluence® at 16J/cm² enables to treat all hairs in the zone.

Fluence® is also equipped with a water-cooling system for a higher efficiency and safety.

Fluence - touch screen

The "Clip and Click” innovation

Installing the removable cartridge

Our exclusive patented cartridge system ensures the most spectacular efficiency.

Easy to replace thanks to their removable system, these cartridges can be changed in a few seconds only.

For the sake of efficiency and profitability, their content is only of 10,000 flashes.
EFB created this exclusive system to release professionals from the burden of Return on Investment. With such content, professionals can take the necessary time to grow and sustain their businesses.
Indeed, only 6 treatments are needed to breakeven.

Applicateur, cartouche amovible et conduit optique

The Freedom not to invest!


Rented, bought for cash or financed, choose option that suits you.

Contact your Distributor for further information and find out the local service available in your country.

Made in France, as always

3D design

Fluence®, just like all the product from the EFB Beauté® range is manufactured in France. The R&D, conception and manufacturing are performed in our offices at Evry.

French production



Fluence® is manufactured under the requirements of the ISO 13485 and complies with all the French and European existing regulations and norms. It is marked EC MED 93/43/EEC..

certification ce

The EFB beauté® device Fluence®, certified CE, is intended for aesthetics' professionals.

The EFB beauté® device Fluence® Med is certified IIa by the certification body SGS.

Before any use, please read the operator manual.

ISO 13485:2012

A maintenance made-easy so you never run out of flashes!

Video help screen

Thanks to the system of flash recording on the Fluence®, your flashes are never lost!
You dropped your cartridge and it’s broken? Your flashes are not lost, in a few seconds only, they can be transferred onto the machine and used using the maintenance cartridge provided to you.
Additionally, the detection of “event codes” has been enhanced for a more precise diagnosis, the explanation and solution now show up on your screen!

Videos are integrated in the machine to assist you in servicing and maintaining your machine properly as well as consulting protocols in case of any doubts.

The Fluence® marketing kit


Fluence® is supplied with a marketing kit which includes all the necessary tools to promote your treatments and develop your business!

> Displays

> Flyers

> Window Sticker

> Appointment cards

Kit marketing



Technical data*

IPL Fluence Fluence EFB Beauté


dark and brown hair



Output energy

13 to 16 J/cm²

Treatment spot size

7.5 cm²


580 nm to 1400 nm


1 to 4

Maximum rate

 Up to 1 flash every 3 seconds

Pulse duration

 30 to 61 ms

Pulse type

 Mono and multi pulse

Touch screen

7" color format 16/9

Lifetime of cartridge

 10 000 flashes

 DSF technology
 Double filter system

 > Patented absorption optical filter
 > Water filter

 Hydraulic cooling system


 Electrical requirements

 120/240 V AC +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz


 38 x 46 x 27.5 cm


 16 kg


 * informative specifications

Fluence and operator