Doctor SFEZ answers your questions

Can intense pulsed light hair removal be defined as permanent?


Different to hair removal using wax, which pulls out the hair without destroying the root, EFB beauté® pulsed light emits a controlled ray of light which is absorbed by the melanin at the stem and root of the hair. This ray of light is transformed into heat, which leads to the destruction of the papilla which nourish hair in the growth (anagen) phase.

All the hairs flashed by the EFB beauté® pulsed light naturally fall out approximately twelve days after the session; this is referred to as photoepilation.

Several sessions are necessary to permanently remove all the unwanted hair on a given zone. The hairs destroyed by EFB beauté® pulsed light will not grow back. However, hormonal changes and medical treatments may favor the growth of new hair.

Why choose EFB beauté® pulsed light for sessions of photoepilation or photorejuvenation?


The high technology of EFB beauté® pulsed light, as confirmed by clinical trials, guarantees the best results in total security. The exclusivity of new technologies and processes used for the security and efficiency of treatment is guaranteed by many international patents. The sessions are faster and the tarifs less expensive than those applicable for other technologies such as laser.

The EFB beauté® pulsed light specialists ensure you an accompaniment of quality. 

What results should I expect from sessions of EFB beauté® pulsed light hair removal?


The elimination of 90% of unwanted hair is achieved through an average of six sessions depending on the nature of the hair coverage and the zone to be treated.

From the very first session a clear reduction in regrowth is observed.

The sessions take place at intervals of six to ten weeks depending on the regrowth cycle.

The skin becomes silkier and smoother for a long time and for your greatest satisfaction!

Our patent also enables the obtention of results on blond, auburn and white hair which have little or no pigment and are therefore insensitive to classic pulsed light.

Pulsed light does not enable the removal of vellus hair.

Which parts of the body can I have treated?


The EFB beauté® technology meets the needs of males and females from the age of fifteen (subject to parental approval). It provides excellent results on all parts of the face and body, in total security.

Only the lower part of the eyelids may not be treated.

Is it painful?


The area treated is exposed to a flash of light, perfectly adapted to each skin type, during a fraction of a second. The feeling is similar to that of a brief stinging sensation when the light hits its target.

Are there risks?


The EFB beauté® pulsed light offers secure treatment. The use is safe and without secondary effects on the condition that the protocol is respected. In certain cases some redness, due to skin sensitivity, may appear then disappear within a few minutes. Other effects may arise but are rare.

What precautions should be taken?


Avoid exposure to the sun and to UV rays, as well as any medicinal products with photosensitive effects, before and after sessions.

Ask for advice from your EFB beauté® institute to know all the recommendations relating to photoepilation and photorejuvenation.

What interval should be respected between two sessions of photoepilation?


The sessions take place at intervals of six to ten weeks depending on the regrowth cycle.

Is it possible to treat asiatic, mixed and dark skin types ?


It is possible to remove unwanted hair on all skin phototypes depending on the model of machine used. Only the Anthélia® model, reserved for doctors, enables hair removal on dark skins which are more sensitive to light due to the high level of melanin present in the skin.