Adéna®, technology to trust

Adéna® has been developed from the specialised beauty equipment Ariane® and the medical equipment Anthélia®, commercialised around the world.

Adéna® was born from indepth research into selective photocoagulation (analysis into the thermal reactions of the skin) and from a detailed analysis of the various existing techniques. The result is a high technology machine, totally secured and of an excellent performance, accessible to professionals of the beauty sector.

Adéna tactile

Function of the Flash Lamp


The Flash Lamp emits a filtered and secured polychromatic light enabling the lasting elimination of unwanted hair and the treatment of imperfections and signs of cutaneous ageing.

Proven Energy


The density of energy emitted per surface unit or fluence is an essential element of comparison because it guarantees the quality of treatment.
The level of fluence must be sufficiently high and carefully selected to obtain significant results.
With energy of 10 to 18 joules/cm² for photoepilation and from 5 to 17 joules/cm² for photorejuvenation, Adéna® is one of the most effective machines on the market. This equipment benefits from EFB patents guaranteeing energy throughout the duration of the hand piece.

A professional Machine


Rapidity of treatment: up to 1 flash every 3 seconds together with a large surface of treatment (7,5 cm²) offer the Adéna® a satisfactory speed of treatment.

Filtered and secured light: an absorption filter eliminates from the beam any ray which has no utility or is potentially dangerous guaranteeing the quality of light energy produced over time.

Profitability: the water cooling circuit ensures the longevity of the lamp and continuous use for a high profitability of the machine.

Technology able to securely treat all types of skin and hair


With a powerful generator, Adéna® produces light energy at a maximum of 135 joules to treat all types of hair even the finest and fairest on skin phototypes 1 to 5, with no risks of burns (phototypes 1 to 4 for the French market).



Our machines are designed for professionals having followed a theoretical and practical training course on the principle of selective photocoagulation including the protocoles advised.
This training course, supervised by EFB beauté® and rewarded with a certificate, provides you with the knowledge necessary to carry out the best possible treatment with a maximum of security.



Financing solutions are proposed by the manufacturer to enable you to invest according to your budget.

Promotional Kit Included


In order to effectively inform your clients of your new service range, a kit including the necessary elements to promote your new equipment is offered.
The technical characteristics are communicated for information only and may be modified at any time.

Adéna Leaflet
Adéna Leaflet

Progressive and lasting photoepilation

The advantages of Adéna®


- Lasting photoepilation of dark, blond and white hair (an average of 6 sessions)
A solution offering personalized treatment on all zones of the face and body, even on ingrowing hairs.

- Secure and effective on phototypes 1 to 5 (phototypes 1 to 4 for the French market)
Preprogrammed treatments, patented equipment with EC certificate.

Effectiveness guranteed from the first to the last flash thanks to the process patented by EFB.

Applicator with automatic compensation of light energy guaranteeing the best stability of fluence throughout its duration (joules/cm²).


Compensated applicator

- Gentle and painless treatment
Thanks to the secured red filter, only the hair is impacted by the flash. The sensation on the skin is painless.
Rapid, precise treatment of all zones thanks to a large quartz of 7,5 cm² and a treatment speed of up to 1 flash every 3 seconds.

- Simple and practical use

A simple, ergonomic keyboard enabling the selection of the appropriate care parameters with no risk of error.

- Reduced maintenance


Adéna keyboard

Technical advantages


> 4 types of care for a single machine
> Photoepilation applicateur of 7,5 cm² for treatment of a larger surface
> Easy replacement of the applicator
> Compact machine



High-performance non-invasive treatment
With its secured yellow filter, the beam of light acts on the epidermis and the superficial dermis.

The usage of Adéna®
> Pigmentary marks:
eliminates superficial blemishes and harmonizes skin tone.
> Photoning and anti-age: stimulates the production of collagen to offer the skin new elasticity.
> Capillary redness: the selective photocoagulation of micro-variscosities causes their contraction followed by their natural elimination.

Rapidly visible results
Adéna® guarantees optimal results for you, in full security, without pain and with visible results from the first session.

General specifications

Adéna® has evolved from the development of the beauty equipment Ariane® and the medical equipment Anthélia® commercialised around the world.


IPL EFB beauté® Adéna® ST model was designed for beauty professionals.
This CE material meets all requirements of European directives that concern.

ce medical

The EFB beauté IPL model Adéna MED has been certified for aesthetic and health professionals.

Equipment approved for CE Medical Device marking conform to the EEC Directive 93/42/EEC.

ISO 13485:2012

Adéna® is available in 2 versions

Adéna keyboard Adéna tactile


of dark hair

Photorejuvenation and
photoepilation of white hair


HR (standard)

SR (optional)


10 to 18 J/cm²

5 to 17 J/cm²

Surface treated per flash

7.5 cm²

3.75 cm²

Wave length

610 nm to 1100 nm

475 nm to 1100 nm


1 to 5 (1 to 4 for the French market)

1 to 4

Comfort option (1) "fair hair"


530 nm to 1100 nm

Comfort option (1) "dark skins"

650 nm to 1100 nm


Maximum frequency of repetition

Up to 1 flash every 3 seconds

Length of flash

2 to 100 ms

Functional mode

Mono and multi-impulsions

Number of programs


Duration of an applicator

30 000 to 60 000 flashes options

Double filter system

> Optical absorption filter
> Water filter system

Water cooling system


Power Supply

230/115/100V AC +/-10%, 50/60Hz


50 x 55 x 31 cm


28 kg


* for information       (1) depending on the country