Device for progressive and lasting photoepilation and photorejuvenation through pulsed light

Pulsed light lastingly eliminates unwanted hair


Pulsed light is the most effective method for removing hair on all zones of the body. Its functioning is very simple: the photoepilation device sends a safe beam of light which transforms into heat on contact with the brown pigment of hair. After a few seconds the unwanted hair is lastingly eliminated.

The EFB beauté® pulsed light devices benefit from exclusive patented technology for the elimination of blond and white hair.  The EFB beauté® IPL devices are the only ones to enable a significant and lasting reduction of white and blond hair which do not have pigment.

- An IPL to offer a second youth to skin


The EFB beauté® IPL devices combine many applications: offering not only progressive and lasting photoepilation but also a photorejuvenation device. Effectively, the pulsed light considerably reduces skin imperfections: wrinkles and redness... In this way skin finds a second youth: it's more harmonious and firm!

The EFB beauté® photoepilation and photorejuvenation solutions are also at the service of medical esthetics for the treatment of hirsutism, hypertrichosis or acne in respect of applicable regulations in the country of use. The EFB beauté® pulsed light considerably improves the well-being and quality of life of consumers.


Pulsed light can advantageously combine several applications with the same IPL. The photo-épilation permanently eliminates unsightly hair growth on all body areas. Photorejuvenation can give a new lease of life to the skin by reducing skin imperfections.

French Technology

The effectiveness of proposed treatments and technological innovations are the priorities of the French manufacturer's range of EFB beauté® IPL, specialist in IPL since 1994.

Exclusive Patent

With exclusive patented technology, the EFB beauté® flash lamps are able to ensure progressive and permanent epilation not only of dark hair but also of blond and white hair.



Fluence®, developed from the EFB beauté® range of medico-aesthetic devices Ariane®, Anthélia® et Adéna®, is the dedicated solution for hair-removal.
It is equipped with the latest EFB innovation: the exclusive and patented cartridge system which delivers a spectacular efficiency.

V64 Optical guide

The V64 optical adapter is specifically designed to be installed on EFB Beauté® IPL applicators only.
It is suitable for the following models:
Anthélia®, Ariane®, Adéna®, Galaxy.
Never use on EFB Beauté® skin rejuvenation applicator (PAM SR).

The adapter is designed to perform treatments on small surfaces only.

V64 Optical guide

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